We manufacture and supply quality agricultural products

Humates: an effective tool to increase productivity and improve the quality of agricultural products. This is a domestic product: economic and effective.

Irkutsk humates are:

  • Unique composition - brown coal from the East Siberian basin is rich in humic acids.
  • High solubility and high active ingredient content
  • A large amount of nutrients.

Certified Products

The quality of the preparations complies with the standards of the Ministry of Agriculture of the Russian Federation.

We take part in tenders and quotation bids

For 2 years we have been supplying fertilizers to the federal institution Rosselkhoztsentr
2017 year
2 tenders for the supply of 6 tons of fertilizers based on humic acids (potassium and sodium humate with a set of trace elements) with a solubility of at least 92% were won:
2018 year
2 tenders for the supply of 11 tons of fertilizers based on humic acids were won:

We deliver preparation in a short time

Delivery time to the European part of Russia:
  • 10–14 days
  • from 14 days
    transport company
  • from 21 days
    a container

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