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Pioneers in the humate market

  • 1996
    Since 1996, we have been developing and manufacturing preparations based on humic acids. The basis of production is unique scientific developments. The works of domestic scientists L. Hristova, D. Orlov, V. Larina, the founders of the theory of humic acids, gave our company a strong scientific base.
  • 2004
    We headed for the modernization of production: we updated the equipment fleet and introduced modern technical solutions in 2004.

Why are humates so effective?

Humates are:
  • Comprehensive growth regulator for plants,
    allowing to increase productivity.
  • Resistance enhancing immunomodulator
    plants to harmful microorganisms.

In the production of humates, original technologies are used based on the “soft” translation of natural humic compounds into a form accessible to plants.

Enriching humates with nutrients, we increase their effectiveness. The solubility of powdered humates of our production reaches 92%, liquid – 100%.

Fertilizer production per year
900 000 liters
if necessary, increase production
Fertilizer production per year

1 000 tons

When using humates, the consumption of mineral fertilizers and pesticides is significantly reduced. The use of humates allows not only increasing the yield, but also improving the quality of the fruits.

Directions of our work

  • 1
    Plant growing
  • 2
    Ecology and reclamation
  • 3
    Supplements, feed additives for animals, etc.

Our products are certified

Our products are included in the catalog of drugs authorized in the Russian Federation. All drugs have quality certificates.


  • Report of the Research Institute of Agricultural Sciences of Irkutsk on the use of Humate + 7 in conjunction with plant protection in barley
  • Effect of Humate-80 on the productivity of meadow fescue and the properties of gray forest soil, SIFIBR
  • How to increase grain drought tolerance
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