Boost your yields and save your money on fertilizers with Russian humate products

Humates are natural plant growth stimulators

Humic substance content is an important driver of plant growth. Humates are the salts of humic and fulvic acids, which are easily absorbed by plants.
Increased crop yields
  • Stable yield growth by 6–10% in areas with favorable soils and climate and by 20–60% in areas with high agricultural risks.
  • Reduction in yield losses incurred due to diseases, temperature fluctuations and other adverse factors.
  • Higher yield quality.
  • Maturation time shortened by 3–7 days.
  • Formation of an extensive root system.
  • Lower plant stress after pesticide treatment.
  • Stronger plant immunity against fungal and bacterial infections.
  • Increased yield storage life.
  • Enhanced nutrient uptake
    Humates make macro- and micronutrients more available to plant cells by forming chelated compounds with them.
    Lower yield costs due to better nutrient uptake
    Our products help achieve major economies in chemicals. Specifically, you can save:
  • 25–40% on mineral fertilizers,
  • 15–50% on pesticides in seed treatment (or 5–10% in foliar treatment).
  • Improved environmental status
    Humates bind and neutralize heavy metals and harmful chemicals.

    Research-proven performance

    We have collected reports on application of humates in the barren mountain soils of the North Caucasus, cold lands of Siberia, dry climate of Russia’s agricultural south, and subtropics and mountains of Ecuador.

    Worldwide deliveries

    Since our sales are not limited by geography, we are ready to deliver our products to any country. Our humic products are successfully used in such countries as Lithuania, Brazil, China and Vietnam. Thanks to the concerted efforts of our logistics team, you will receive the goods with no delay.
    • Delivery of large volumes
      Our annual output is about 900,000 liters of liquid fertilizers and 1,000 tons of powdered fertilizers. If needed, we can produce even more and supply the amount you need.
    • No troubles at the customs
      We take on all tasks related to customs clearance as we have all necessary documents and certificates to ensure seamless transportation of our products.