Fertile soil
for partnership

We are one of the largest producers of humates in the CIS. The main goal of our activity is to maximize the profit of agribusiness. Therefore, we offer special partnership conditions to distributors, agricultural holdings, and fertilizer producers.

Fertilizer manufacturers
We will help organize bottling, create a modification of your product, and organize the release under your brand.
We offer special working conditions, taking into account the specifics of the market. We provide full informational and consulting assistance.
Agricultural holdings
The possibility of direct deliveries, the development of special recommendations for use, the selection of a complex of drugs taking into account soil and climatic factors and crops grown.

Benefits of working with us

Consistent quality
Finished products available
Scientific and practical experience gained over 20 years

You do not have to wait long for the cargo

We guarantee the speed of delivery - no matter where you are in the region.
We cooperate with all transport companies.

To the European part of Russia:
  • by truck 10-14 days
    by truck 10-14 days
  • transport company from 14 days
    transport company from 14 days
  • container from 21 days
    container from 21 days


  • Report of the Research Institute of Agricultural Sciences of Irkutsk on the use of Humate + 7 in conjunction with plant protection in barley
  • Effect of Humate-80 on the productivity of meadow fescue and the properties of gray forest soil, SIFIBR
  • Determination and evaluation of the effectiveness of bioactive concentration of humates with foliar application in barley
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