Humates and organic fertilizers
for gardening

Our products are a good way to get a tasty and rich harvest. We make preparations from natural raw materials. Our assortment has all the preparations necessary in organic farming: pure humates, complex fertilizers, fertilizers with protective properties, and ameliorants. All drugs are state registered, tested and certified.


Our line of basic preparations based on humic substances - these are five drugs, in the form of powder or liquid concentrate. They are used for pre-sowing treatment of seeds, root and foliar top dressing, soaking seedlings, for composting. They will help to get a tasty and healthy crop, accelerate the development of plants, the growth of the root system. Stimulate the process of photosynthesis, improve the absorption of fertilizers from the soil. They increase the resistance of plants to diseases, pests, drought, frost, and other adverse factors. They have an anti-stress effect.

Liquid complex fertilizers

Liquid complex fertilizers provide plants with a complete set of necessary substances, as they contain: a complex of nutrients - nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium, trace elements, trace elements in chelated form, a balanced set of natural humic and fulvic acids. If liquid complex fertilizers are applied – it is not necessary to carry out top dressing with other fertilizers during the season.


Improve physical properties and increase soil fertility. Meliorants act on the soil in three ways: reduce acidity, stimulate the reproduction of soil microorganisms, and restore the humus of the soil. These three factors are important for fertility. For example, in acidic soil, nutrients and substances are washed out into the deep layers of the soil, where the roots of the plants do not reach, and also pass into insoluble compounds. Soil microflora assimilates atmospheric nitrogen, and decomposes organic matter, forming a humus layer.

Application Results

Tasty and rich harvest
Faster root growth
The best assimilation of nutrients from the soil
Restoring soil fertility
Resistance to drought, waterlogging, frost, and other adverse weather conditions

Ways to use humates

The most effective way of processing.
Seed soaking
Soaking in humate stimulates the germination of seeds, and prevents the development of infections.
The use of humates at the root allows you to combine the effect on the plant and on the soil.
Soil application
As a rule, fertilizers and ameliorants are applied to the soil together with digging, in the spring before planting or in the fall.
Drop watering, hydroponics and similar systems
In such systems, a reduced concentration is used.


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