Humate&Micro "Gumel Lux"

Stimulator of fruit formation, growth and development of plants
Humate&Micro "Gumel Lux"

Gumel Lux contains a complex of humic and fulvic acids in an accessible form to plants and a chelated complex of micronutrients: N, P, K, S, B, Mo, Mn, Cu, Co, Zn, Fe, Ca, Mg, Na. Solubility - 92%. The increased content of zinc, boron, manganese, magnesium, phosphorus and potassium. It also activates the growth and metabolic processes in plants, increases crop resistance to adverse weather and climate conditions.

  • The form
  • Consumption
    120 g/ha
  • Humate content
  • Solubility
  • Composition
    Potassium salts of humic and fulvic acids 84-86%, N, P, K, S, B, Mo, Mn, Cu, Co, Zn, Fe, Ca, Mg, Na, water-soluble silicon 4-5%
  • stimulates fruit and grain formation;
  • provides a yield increase of up to 40% in areas of medium and risky agriculture and 6-12% on fertile soils in areas of high-tech agriculture;
  • reduces the ripening time of plants to 9 days;
  • covers the need of plants for trace elements;
  • improves the absorption of nutrients by plants from the soil;
  • relieves stress in plants after treatment with pesticides;
  • stimulates root formation;
  • stimulates plant immunity to fungal and bacterial infections, as well as to pests;
  • increases crop grade;
  • increases the resistance of plants to drought and frost;
Mode of application
  • Seed dressing with a semi-dry method together with a dressing agent.
    Depending on the type of culture, the dose is 30-300 g per 1 ton of seeds. Protectant is used at the lower dosage limit.
  • Foliar top dressing of plants on the leaf surface or under the root.
    Top dressing is carried out together with chemical weeding or mineral fertilizers. Depending on the type of culture, the dose is 30-150 g per 1 ha.
  • Processing stubble and crop residues.
    The dose is calculated depending on the culture and environmental conditions.
Gumel Lux in the system of comprehensive yield increase